Phil Miller

Born in 1970 in Kent, England. Currently living in London, England.

London based Phil Miller is a freelance artist  and award winning photographer and filmmaker.

Phil began his career working at the Marquee club, where he started out filming bands, and his interest for film and photography grew from there. In his extensive career Phil has worked for a variety of major television companies, including Sky, BBC and Ch 4, working as director and camera operator.

He recently began exploring his interest in photography has already had  6 solo exhibitions to date and won a number of prestigious awards.

He won the BBC London Photographic Competition 2004 and has exhibited his work in London at galleries in Mayfair and East London, and at Cannes film festival 2007.

Phils’ work draw on inanimate objects and landscapes. He uses original photographs and artwork, collaged together using projections and multiple exposures to form the final print.

His pieces are created  by layers of everyday images, which pieced together produce an explosion of vibrant colour, generating energy and movement. The photographs establish a depth, which draws the viewer in, each showing a different adventure, reflecting a different aspect of life.

They are not just snapshots, but short stories, mini movies, a snippet of real life. You feel you are watching a microcosm of universal life, each time noticing something new.


  • His recent Short Film “Why did you buy me plastic flowers?” was in the London Short Film Fest 2012 at The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Pall Mall, London, UK
  • Wallpaper Magazine “Boston” book of photography, entirely made up of Phil Miller images.
  • Exhibited at London and at Cannes film festival 2007.
  • Award Winner of the BBC London Photographic Competition 2004
  • Portrait of Director Anthony Minghella, which was published in Screen International.
  • Images for the Portman Group for their “Don’t Do Drunk” ad campaigns published in Creative Review and the press during 2004-2005.
  • Produced images for a nationwide campaign for the organic supermarket “Fresh and Wild”, which are still being displayed nationwide.
  • Director, DOP & Camera operator for Sky, the BBC and Channel 4

To view his latest works please see here


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