Nathalie Karouni



Recent Exhibitions

  • Berheads, Barcelona, Spain 2011
  • La Fontana Espai Jove Barcelona Spain 2010.

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Born in 1989 in Paris, I came from a family of   artists. My father taught my mother photography, and I’ve always been surrounded at home by her work.

Her work reflects all the places she traveled, and so she decided to give me the same gift by taking me with her to the most exotic and beautiful places she could afford, ever since I was just two years old.

Traveling and living in such contrasting places throughout
my life (France, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium,
Holland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Benin, Morrocco, Bulgaria,
Hungary, US) and developing a passion for my artistic heritage, made me feel a beautiful inner experience that even now I still only can describe through my pictures.

I think the most precious experience I own from having
captured all these images, and what encourages me to keep
doing it, is not only the mere result of an accurate or
interesting observation of elements, but also being able to
remember the feelings I had at that specific place and time in
my life.

Meanwhile, here is a selection of some of my most beloved
photographic moments.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.

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