Geraldo Roberto Cetta

Gerardo is a self-taught artist whose work is inspired by certain spiritual principles that he enjoys exploring and practicing as a fundamental part of his self-development, which he feels, begins from the moment one’s awareness is granted beingness in this world.

His concept of art as a form looks at the source of things we as individuals come into contact with through our daily life experiences. How we relate to thoughts, feelings, how they are understood by the body, the mind and self.

His painting demonstrates an ability to communicate directly from a view-point, allowing his creations to flow with him towards further realizations and better communication, bringing about greater understanding and reality of being. The creation thus becomes the creator as a student naturally becomes a teacher.

Gerardo looks upon his audience as his true art because they represent a means to becoming at one with creation.

“In my view, time is governed by conscious space, that is still yet in motion, creating, experiencing, communicating. Life represents its many reflections. We are honoured students, blessed with the wisdom of the universe.”  “The art comes about as a consequence of being,”

My work represents part of my true universe. The true home to all that is me in mind, body and spirit. In my view each creation is conscious and alive, growing, communicating with the environment that allows for the presence of awareness and understanding to manifest.

As an artist, my purpose and responsibility I feel is to assist life through my own personal journey and experience. Engaging in the art of painting as a form of meditation enables me to achieve this. To share what I come to learn through this process, helping to provide a platform for others to learn about themselves. what I understand and accept as real art is real life. My paintings emanate from being in true communication. In my experience, true communication involves being with everything, comfortably, in harmony.

It helps to restore ones balance by introducing others to themselves, to who they really are, returning them to present time, allowing all to grow more aware of things such as true freedom, our connection to one another , our place  in the here and now within time and space and beyond.

My art communicates from a real place that I wish to share with you all…..


  • Currently exhibiting at Art Cafe London: Vibe Gallery, Tower Bridge, London, UK and Seasons of Love event, Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London.
  • Published works including art & poetry in ‘Love is the Law’ Magazine
  • Exhibited and Curated at Animamundi 2011 event: Cafe 1001, Brick Lane, London, UK
  • Designed installations and provided workshops at Out of the Ordinary Festival 2011, Brighton, UK
  • Commissioned Portrait of Amy Winehouse for private collector 2011
  • Designs & Artwork for White Hart Productions, Brighton, UK
  • Pieces sold online at
  • Life Drawing @ Barnet College of Art
  • Greenhill College of Art, Harrow, Middlesex. UK

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