Wooooooo hooooooo, and welcome to Frunk pages! The spot to see all our A list FRUNK, no not the free drunk you get at Arts Parties, but the ‘FABULOUSLY-REVAMPED-JUNK’ Art Pieces we create!

That’s right! Check out our FRUNK, We personally Frunkify battered chaise-longues, tired old dressers, sad-faced wardrobes and more to turn them from functional pieces into crazy ass, one-off, deliciously desirable pieces of ART that will look super stylish and hot in your homes and be the envy of all your friends!

Not only are our pieces better than Shoreditch cool, they are in short supply and high demand!!!

We do custom pieces, Made-to-Order for Celebrities, Aristocracy, Art Collectors, Galleries, Film/TV /Music Video Productions and Lay folk alike, AND we create bespoke Art off our own backs too! But only a set number of pieces per year, ranging on average from £10,000 – £30,000/ $15,000-$45,000, though pieces can go up to as much as £100,000/$150,000 or more!

(We have been known to do some smaller, more affordable pieces however, starting from £2000, just keep it between you and me ;-))

So for now Sweeties & Gentleman, I bid you adieu and say welcome to our gallery of muchness!

With plenty for the eye to behold.

Enter and be delightedly awoken to many wonderous things!


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