What on earth is the House of Oligarch I hear you cry?!

Is it, as the name suggests, a group of crazed Russian former-Aristocracy, living it up in a palatial mansion harking back to days of old, of renaissance and provincial ruling smoking on cigars in ornate red and gold, silk emblazoned rooms and sipping on vodka and cognacs?

Is it a bunch of political twits obsessed with ‘running things’, being stupidly, capitalistically rich while 99% of the world live in poverty, yet we don’t give a flying fxxx? Er no!

Or is it simply a really cool bunch of hipster artisans, from a cross cultured bunch of mediums, in Fashion, Photography, Art in its many forms, and Interiors who are way to cool for school, highly in demand and at the top of their game with credits such as Vivienne Westwood, Issey Miyake, ASOS Marketplace, Cannes film festival, the BBC  and Vogue magazine to name but a few, all of whom decided to club together to collectively create a new,unique and uniform, overall look and style which blends across many mediums that many want but few can have!?

Yes, you guessed it! We are the 3rd revelation!

A  bunch of unbelievably talented, edgy, brilliant artistes, all in to different things from Music Video and Film/TV Production Art direction and Styling, Fashion Styling,  to Swedish and Scandinavian Fashion Designers, Fashion Styling, to award-winning, Vogue famed Art Installation specialists, Performance Artists, Award winning London Photographers, Parisian Photojournalists and internationally brilliant acclaimed Interior designers, all with a unique look and style but with a house collective feel!

Whats even cooler, we are all British or European and busy sharing our style all over the world! We do commissioned work as well as requested projects, as well as our own creative pieces!

H of O are all about style that merges old world chic with new world minimalism. We are an agency and collective of stylists, designers & artists with our own look and style. If you want in, check our pages and contact us